2020 Live Cyberpunk Short Film Competition

Cyberpunk Now, Cyberpunk Short Film Competition

Cyberpunk Now Film Festival
live media hackathon

July 25-August 2, 2020

part of the Hackers on Planet Earth 2020 Conference

Views the films below.

2020 Cyberpunk Now Live Film Festival Conditions

Top Winners

Grand Prize: “Cyber Boogie Shakedown”

Most Cyberpunk: “Baud Zero Signifier”

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Cyberspace Is Where We…

Filmmaker: Ben Combee
Submitted to: Found Footage (Winner)

basicly-go-forth [sic]

Filmmakers: strick yak, cujo bird
Submitted to: Experimental (Winner)


Filmmakers: Adelle Lin, Moheeb Zara, Sophi Kravitz
Submitted to: Experimental

Baud Zero Signifier

Filmmakers: Aleksandar Bradic, Bogdan Rosu
Submitted to: Experimental, Animation (Winner)
Most Cyberpunk Award

Project Brain States

Filmmakers: Scott Blaszak, Nora Gibson, Pam Selle
Submitted to: Found Footage

Cyber Boogie Shakedown

Filmmakers: Cory McElrea, Krystal Pohaku
Submitted to: Drama (Winner)
Grand Prize Winner

Last Res0rt’s PikLok Shorts

Filmmaker: Raye Keslensky
Submitted to: Animation

2020 Live Festival Judges

  • Matt Brown

  • TK Lorell

  • Protothresh

  • Beth Braunstein

  • Jason Scott

  • I-baLL

  • Dernyn

2020 Live Festival Organizers

  • Charles Beckwith

  • Jonn Nubian

  • Archive

  • Rob Sanchez