2020 Live Prizes

Challenge Categories

Challenge Category (Animation, Comedy, Drama, Educational, Experimental, and Found Footage) award winners will receive a prize sourced partially from submission fee proceeds. If more teams enter the competition, the Challenge Category prizes will be larger.

Off The Hook co-host, Rob T. Firefly (visual artist Rob Vincent) will create an original digital artwork inspired by the award-winning entry in each Challenge Category.

Most Cyberpunk

The Most Cyberpunk award is sponsored by R. Talsorian Games. This prize will remain secret until the winner is announced. How exactly you win this particular prize will likely not be disclosed, even to the festival’s regular judges.

Grand Prize

The Grand Prize includes a $600 credit in The 2600 Store, furnished by 2600 Magazine: The Hacker Quarterly, and is expected to grow as we add more sponsors to the event.

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